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Humorous Motivational Speaker Vinny Verelli's Maxim:

"If You're Not Having Fun, You're Doing It Wrong"

From "Fear Factor" to "Fun Factor" in One Hilarious Keynote


Humorous motivational speaker
Vinny Verelli offers the perfect way to open or close your meeting.

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On a cold winter's day Vinny decides to dine alfresco.
Food Trucks are all the rage and here's a quick..
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Service Exceeding Expectations
New Blog postey by
Funny motivational speaker Vinny Verelli.

If a restaurant has mediocre food but great customer service I will return. If you’ve read my earlier posts or saw my video on The Classic Martini, you know I’m a little old fashion. Today I was once again reminded of how old I’m getting.

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This is the foundation to the stress busting Bada Bing Philosophy developed by humorous motivational speaker, Vinny Verelli. And since nobody has time for 12 steps, the Bada Bing has only two:

Step One: Get Off Your Butt.
Step Two: Do Something!

"Two" is the New "12"

The Bada Bing will show you how to reduce negativity and turn fear into fun with three simple tools; Fun, Focus and Fervor.

"There's not much to laugh about in health care these days, but you helped put difficult situations in perspective with your no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners, "street-smart" approach! My members are still talking about the 3 F's."
-Toni M. Fatone, Executive VP
Connecticut Assn. of Health Care Facilities

With the Bada Bing Philosophy your group will:
• Shift their focus to common goals
• Gain a new perspective on change
• Escape from the ordinary
• Walk around saying, "Bada bing, bada boom."

Unique among humorous motivational speakers, Vinny can provide a program with no redeeming value, bullet points or key strategies. Regardless of your objectives, Vinny's street smarts, tough love and flair for fun will give your event a real shot in the arm (metaphorically speaking).

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Let Vinny Motivate, Stimulate and Titillate
your group with customized keynotes and
Hilarious Conference Summaries.
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