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A Real Martini

Today people use the term martini to cover any drink that is served in a cocktail glass. But does anyone even know what a Martini is?  I Recently ran into young bartender who had never made a martini with gin and vermouth although that is the very definition of a Martini.

ME:  I’d like a Tanqueray Martini up.
BT:   Gin? Do you still want olive juice
ME:   No, I’d like vermouth.
BT:   (Slowly) Okay, you want me to put it in the glass then pour it out?
ME:   No, I’d like you to put the vermouth in and leave it.
BT:   You mean like an ingredient?
ME:   Exactly. I’d like it up and served with an olive

Look if you want to drink chilled vodka with olive juice, knock yourself out, just don’t call it a martini.  In this video I rant on what’s happened to the martini. You’ll also see how to make a classic gin martini.

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