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Welcome to Vinny Vents

Funny Keynote Speaker Vinny Verelli

Yo, It’s me Vinny Verelli and welcome to my Blog.  Recently I heard a speaker say, “The whole world needs to hear what you have to say.” Yet my wife is always saying, “Shut up, you want the whole world to hear you?” I’ve always been opinionated and my cousin, Gino told me I should…

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It Needs A Little Salt

There are a lot of options when it comes to eating out, so why choose a restaurant that gives bad service? With the competition the way it is in the restaurant business giving good customer service should be a top priority. Bad service is the quickest way to loose a customer and the easiest thing…

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A Real Martini

Martini Still

Today people use the term martini to cover any drink that is served in a cocktail glass. But does anyone even know what a Martini is?  I Recently ran into young bartender who had never made a martini with gin and vermouth although that is the very definition of a Martini. ME:  I’d like a…

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